Launch Out Into The Deep

Launch Out Into The Deep
Presented by Pastor Donna on March 22, 2015
  The children of God need to be like Peter and trust God as we launch out into the deep. When we become "fisherman of men" and launch out and do what He has called us to do then He will always make sure we have the resources needed to complete the job.

My God is Able and Willing

Presented by Pastor Donna on March 15, 2015
King Nebuchadnezzar continues to place his trust in the counsel of man and does not place His faith in the true living God. He is deceived into attempting to punish Daniel but, Daniel's faith was in the true living God of Israel. Daniel was saved and delivered, "because he belived in his God." Time and circumstances did not change Daniel's approach to Faith in God. In this message, Pastor Donna exhorts the Christian believer to continue in their faith regardless of the time and the circumstances.

God's Word is Eternal It is Sovereign

Presented by Pastor Donna on March 8, 2015
By daily entering into God's presence the Christian believer can develop a life style of speaking and believing the truth and love of God's Word. God's Word is all powerful. Every material that we can touch, see, and feel originated from God';s Word. In this message Pastor Donna teaches the believer how to apply the Word of God to their lives.