Be A Dwelling Place For The Lord

Presented by Pastor Donna on October 25, 2015
God's dream is to dwell with you in your everyday life and be a part of everything about you. Pastor Donna uses this passage in Zephaniah and broad concepts across the Old and New Testaments to show us how God has planned from the beginning to create a people for himself who will allow him to dwell with them constantly. Read More ...

What does God see / you?

Presented by Pastor Tim on October 21, 2015
What does God see when he looks at you? For his great love to you, he only sees Jesus. He does not see your sins and mistakes. Believe and be restored to his grace. This message is powerfully articulated with several practical examples as Pastor Tim continues the series, "Right Believing produces Freedom and Power." Read More ...

Be full to overflowing

Presented by Pastor Donna on October 18, 2015
Revival begins inside each one of us as the living water of the Holy Spirit flows through us to overflowing. When Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan by John the Baptist, he also was baptized by the Holy Spirit. Thus began his ministry on earth as he healed, raised the dead, preached, and cast out demons. That same Holy Spirit is here today to anoint you to do as Jesus did because he sent that Holy Spirit after he ascended into heaven and was seated on the right hand

Think on these things

Presented by Pastor Vickie on October 14, 2015
Continuing the theme of a sound mind, Pastor Vickie refers to Philippians 4:8 and Isaiah 26:3 to show us that we can think on these things and the things of God to overcome negative and destructive thought habits. Read More ...

Giving under grace - 3

Presented by Pastor Donna on October 11, 2015
Grace or Law, it's your choice. Pastor Donna clarifies the passages in Malachi often misused to promote and stimulate giving in the church. Slicing through the controversy with a sharp division between giving under grace and giving under the Law, we learn that if you fall from grace, you do not fall from God's love, but you fall from trusting God (and his work) back into trusting the Law (and your own work). We need to reconcile the tithe with giving under grace. Read More ...

See what God sees

Presented by Pastor Tim on October 7, 2015
Pastor Tim tells us that one key to right believing is to learn how to see what God sees. In the process of replacing our wrong beliefs with right beliefs, we come to understand the love of God and grace of God and how his love and grace see through our problems to the solutions. Read More ...

Giving under grace 02

Presented by Pastor Donna on October 4, 2015
Using the story of the Patriarch Abraham and the slaughter of the kings, Pastor Donna explains how his tithe to Melchizedek represents Abraham’s authentication of his trust in God under grace. The key issue is , “What motivates us to give?” The answer should be our love for God and thankfulness for what Christ has done. Read More ...