The Pilgrims

Presented by V Clark on December 7, 2015
John Brewster (the character) 31-years their governor, narrates his history of the Pilgrims who established a colony on Plymoth, Mass in 1620. This dramatic documentary portrays re-enactments of actual events and provides excellent material to better understand their motives and circumstances. AMERICAN EXPERIENCE The Pilgrims +ADD video to watch list Aired: 11/24/2015 01:51:48 Expires: 12/14/2015 Explore the converging forces, circumstances, personalities and events that propelled a group of English men and women west across the Atlantic in 1620. The challenges they faced in making new lives for themselves still resonate

The note

Presented by V Clark on November 9, 2015
The Note (Women of Faith Fiction)Paperback – September 30, 2007 by Angela Elwell Hunt (Author) In the run up to Christmas, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel plays dozens of new and favorite theme movies.  Among them is The Note, a story of a plane crash, a woman reporter who finds a note washed up after the crash, a search for the recipient of the note, and a surprise conclusion that will bring tears to your eyes. Sometimes you can find the gospel message in the strangest places. The Gospel Message


Beloved of God
Presented by Pastor Donna on January 23, 2015
God wants us to know that we are deeply and greatly loved by Him. He wants us to know that we are His beloved. What does beloved mean? It means you are the one loved. He wants you to know that you are valued. Read More ...

The Covenant of Grace

The Covenant of Grace - WNC Freedom Center
Presented by Pastor Donna on January 7, 2015
Do you ever wonder how God sees you? If so, there is one thing you can be sure of --- He doesn't see you the way you see yourself. If you are a born-again Christian ,God only sees you through the blood sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ, not your sins,weaknesses, or shortcomings. The moment you became born again you were made eternally righteous by faith. Read More ...