Wednesday Walk to Freedom

Welcome to the Wednesday Walk to Freedom.

Each Wednesday night you will be blessed with an in-depth teaching and study of God’s Word.  Here you will train your faith and grow in Christian maturity through sequential messages on specific topics or Books. Learning in smaller groups has also demonstrated effectiveness in building and strengthening the body of Christ.

Current Topic

Path to wholeness

May 5, 2016

Past disappointments, failures, hurts, rejections, fears and abandonment can leave emotional scars that can inhibit or make healing very difficult.  Time does not heal these memories and scars. However, when you learn how God can help you be healed, and these scars can be removed, you can experience freedom and joy in your life.

Each Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm The WNC Freedom Center will study "how to discover the path to wholeness in Christ" using the book "Healed Without Scars" (David G. Evans, Whitaker House Publishing).  Come join us for this exciting fellowship and bible study.