Net Breaking Boat Sinking Partner Blessing People of Faith

by Pastor Donna on June 3, 2018
“Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.”  1st Timothy 6:12 (NKJV) The Christian knows that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, but too often doubt, unbelief, negative confession, discontentment and disunity define the Children of God.  Scripture tells us to fight the good fight of faith and not each other.  In this teaching you will learn how to become a net breaking, boat

Victorious Living

by Pastor Donna on January 28, 2018
God desires us to live the victorious life. We can be free of all sickness and disease, all worry and trouble as we speak the words of faith and claim our victory. Read More ...

The power promise part 3

by Pastor Donna on November 19, 2017
Jesus instructed his disciples to wait for the power promise, the baptism or immersion of the Holy Spirit that would be their advantage. Read More ...

It Is Written

by Pastor Donna on October 29, 2017
Just as Jesus responded to Satan's temptations by saying, "It is written," so can we follow his example when we are faced with challenges in our lives. Read More ...

Examination of the abundant life part 4

by Pastor Donna on December 18, 2016
In order to walk in the abundant life, we must fulfill certain conditions. We will answer the question, "What are the responsibilities of a believer in walking and living in this promise in a fulfilled way? Read More ...

Authority of the believer - part 2

by Pastor Donna on October 30, 2016
In building a foundation to understand the righteous exercise of authority we will address this question: 'Do Christians have access to God's authority? Read More ...

The line of purpose

by Pastor Donna on August 7, 2016
We only have a short time to allow God to fulfill his purpose in our life. From Psalm 39 and the book of James, we learn of the fleeting nature of our days on this earth. We learn that faith must manifest itself in the works of faith. Finally from Genesis 1:28 we learn that God empowered and blessed mankind to be fruitful. Read More ...

Birthright Part 2 Life Eternal

by Pastor Donna on July 10, 2016
From Colossians 1 and John 3:3 we learn of the new birth that gives us an inheritance in heaven, life eternal. We who are born again have been made co-heirs in the birthright of Jesus Christ and partakers of the heavenly life with him. Read More ...

We have a river

by Pastor Donna on May 22, 2016
We have a river (or well) given to us in the promises of God to Abraham, the father of faith that provides for all our needs. Learn how to tap into that river and live a life of faith. Read More ...


by Pastor Donna on April 24, 2016
Hope is one of the three main building blocks of our Christian life. Hope is an intensely expectant confidence, an earnest expectancy. Real bible hope is different from wishing. Read More ...