by Pastor Donna on May 7, 2017
The law came through Moses, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. Learn how Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law. Read More ...

Sermon on the mount

by Pastor Donna on April 9, 2017
What will your response be when you hear the message of Jesus at the Sermon on the Mount? Follow along as we detail each statement of Jesus for revelational truth. Read More ...

The posession of the good Samaritan

by Pastor Donna on November 13, 2016
Who is my neighbor? Jesus answers the lawyer with a story about the Good Samaritan. He defined a neighbor as one who needs your help or mercy. This stops all discussion designed to trick you. Read More ...

Giving under grace 02

by Pastor Donna on October 4, 2015
Using the story of the Patriarch Abraham and the slaughter of the kings, Pastor Donna explains how his tithe to Melchizedek represents Abraham’s authentication of his trust in God under grace. The key issue is , “What motivates us to give?” The answer should be our love for God and thankfulness for what Christ has done. Read More ...

Danger Zone - Part 01

Danger Zone Part 02
by Pastor Donna on February 8, 2015
  Grace is a covenant. Father Abraham walked and lived under this covenant of Grace. The children of God decided they preferred God to bless them based on the merits of man and the law was given at Mount Sinai. Jesus Christ fulfilled the law and delivered the born again believer from the curse of the law. Mixing the law and grace is a dangerous decision. Pastor Donna continues to dig deeper into the teachings of the Grace of Jesus Christ and its application to the Christian believer.