God's Divine Protection Part #1

by Pastor Donna on March 29, 2020
Please pray this prayer with me (click to open) Please pray this prayer with me. Please set aside daily time to read Psalm 91 and pray it over ourselves, our families, our church families, our nation and our president. “Almighty Father; we Praise You that You Honor Your Word. We know that Your Word says “He who dwells in the shelter of the most High - shall abide under the shadow of the almighty” and Father under the New Covenant You said “And hath raised us up together, and made

Don't let your miracle pass you by

by Pastor Donna on December 31, 2017
When we put our trust in Jesus Christ, our heavenly father provides us everything promised in the covenants. We need not beg for anything. It is in this way that we will not let our miracle pass us by. Read More ...

The sure foundation

by Pastor Donna on August 2, 2017
Jesus Christ is the sure foundation of our lives, the cornerstone upon which we can remain stable and firm through life's storms. Read More ...

His Image Part 2

by Pastor Donna on July 9, 2017
Delight yourself in the Lord and he will grant you the desires of your heart. This passage in Psalms is the essence of becoming recreated in His image. Read More ...

What do you see?

by Pastor Donna on January 29, 2017
Bringing our focus onto the spiritual realm, and seeing with eyes of faith, what do you see when faced with a crisis? Take a lesson from Exodus 14 when the children of Israel were being pursued by the Egyptian army at the shores of the Red Sea? Read More ...

Good Father

by Pastor Donna on May 29, 2016
Our good father (God) loves us and has only good things for us. Be inspired to trust in him and learn of the many blessings he has in store for you. Read More ...

We have a river

by Pastor Donna on May 22, 2016
We have a river (or well) given to us in the promises of God to Abraham, the father of faith that provides for all our needs. Learn how to tap into that river and live a life of faith. Read More ...

Mary Trusted God

by Pastor Donna on May 8, 2016
This tribute to the mother of Jesus on Mother's Day, details how Mary trusted God. Read More ...