Speaker Archive: Pastor Donna


Presented by Pastor Donna on September 30, 2018
Continuing with her healing school series of messages Pastor Donna provides insight into God’s love and how He desires to continue giving you His love without end.  God’s enemy, Satan, uses deceit and shame to convince God’s children they are not worthy to receive or be healed by the awesome power and love of Christ.  Pastor Donna continues in this message to teach and train God’s children to avoid the traps of our enemy and religious traditional belief and teachings.   Isaiah 56: 7, 8, “Even them I will bring to

Living in the Power of Now

Presented by Pastor Donna on August 26, 2018
John 2:10 states, “And he said unto him everyone brings out the choice wine first and then the cheaper wine after the guests have had too much to drink, but you have saved the best for now.”  In this message Pastor Donna clarifies that Jesus did not say, you have saved the best for last but Jesus did say, “you have saved the best for now.”  The blessings of Christ are available to the believer NOW!  Learn to receive these blessings by faith NOW!

Wilt Thou Be Made Whole

Presented by Pastor Donna on July 29, 2018
In Pastor Donna’s continuing series of healing school teachings, many of the religion based and traditional teachings that nullify the power of God in the life of the Christian believer in the area of physical healing are exposed and rebuked. Too many people tend to group together based on infirmities and limitations.   This can create a culture of COMPETITION among those infirmed rather than a culture of completion. Jesus Christ is our only COMPLETION.

Press On And Receive Your Miracle

Presented by Pastor Donna on April 29, 2018
Recapping the foundations of your healing miracle, we know that God's word is truth, His word is his will, and His will is to heal you. You can know this for yourself by asking the Holy Spirit to guide you into all truth as you read in the Word of God. Read More ...

Palm Sunday

Presented by Pastor Donna on March 25, 2018
Everything I have belongs to God. Would I allow a stranger to take my car or horse if they said, "The Lord has need of it?" Thus begins the story of Palm Sunday. A king rides into Jerusalem, weeps for it, knows what is coming to him and is obedient unto death. He is obedient to the Father and to His perfect plan of redemption and reconciliation. Read More ...

Picture perfect love - Original intent

Presented by Pastor Donna on February 25, 2018
In order to have a healthy marriage, a healthy relationship with our spouse, we must apply ourselves to understand and fulfill God's original intent in his creation of human kind. Read More ...

Don't let your miracle pass you by

Presented by Pastor Donna on December 31, 2017
When we put our trust in Jesus Christ, our heavenly father provides us everything promised in the covenants. We need not beg for anything. It is in this way that we will not let our miracle pass us by. Read More ...

It Is Written

Presented by Pastor Donna on October 29, 2017
Just as Jesus responded to Satan's temptations by saying, "It is written," so can we follow his example when we are faced with challenges in our lives. Read More ...

Forgiveness and healing

Presented by Pastor Donna on July 30, 2017
Healing and the price for forgiveness are closely intertwined in the Word of God. Forgiveness and healing are part of the full salvation package. Read More ...

In The Image of Love

Presented by Pastor Donna on July 23, 2017
As we grow in the image of Jesus, in the image of love, we enter a new realm of protection over our loved ones against the attacks of Satan. Read More ...

Healing School 1

Presented by Pastor Donna on April 30, 2017
God's will has always been to heal his children. To receive your healing, you must open up the free gift of Salvation. Read More ...

A thankful heart

Presented by Pastor Donna on November 20, 2016
Praise and worship with thanksgiving is the most ardent way to empower your prayers to God. Having a thankful heart is key to all the benefits of a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. Read More ...