The note

Presented by: V Clark on November 9, 2015.

The Note (Women of Faith Fiction)Paperback – September 30, 2007 by Angela Elwell Hunt (Author)

In the run up to Christmas, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel plays dozens of new and favorite theme movies.  Among them is The Note, a story of a plane crash, a woman reporter who finds a note washed up after the crash, a search for the recipient of the note, and a surprise conclusion that will bring tears to your eyes.

Sometimes you can find the gospel message in the strangest places. The Gospel Message in a nutshell is that God Loves you, He sent his son Jesus Christ to die for your sins so you could be forgiven, and you can live forever when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  There is more, because he also promises to fix broken lives……..


The message reads:


All is forgiven.


The question put to us is, “What note would we write if we knew we only had minutes to live and we wanted to send a final message to a loved one.”

As each prospective recipient of the note read it, they were profoundly affected by its message. Taken to the next level, you can consider yourself the recipient of a personal message from your Heavenly Father.

Once you are forgiven, everything is made new and all your past mistakes and wrongdoings are melted away.  This is a true maxim for you, me and everybody we meet.  If we have wronged someone in the past and they told us they had forgiven us, we would be overjoyed.  And if someone wrongs us, and we forgive them, they can be set free to move ahead in their life without the hindrance of that sin.

The gospel of Grace has the power to heal broken lives. We can forgive others because we are forgiven.  The healing that takes place in us by God’s grace spills over to heal others around us as we also forgive.

The final sentence in the movie says it all. “The note after all was a message of forgiveness and to this broken heart it has not lost its power to restore.”